I love people! I love meeting new people and helping them become confident and achieve their dreams!

Hi, my name is Nick. I am the founder and CEO of Real English Speaker and I want to help you become a confident English speaker! I have been teaching English as a second language for 15 years now. I have taught many people from all over the world at all levels of English.

I know how it feels to live in a foreign country and learn a new language. I started my career as a teacher in Japan in 2001 where I worked for a large company teaching adults English Conversation. I studied Japanese with a private tutor, made many Japanese friends and learned about the fascinating culture.

When I returned to Australia I studied and gained my international teaching qualification (CELTA) and continued teaching in my hometown, Adelaide. Since then I have travelled with my work all around Australia.

I have enjoyed teaching Business English to many corporate clients in Sydney (WithinReach Software, ADASA Engineering, Leighton Contractors, Hamburg Sud and more) for the last 5 years. In that time I have successfully helped business people find English speaking confidence so they can give great presentations, communicate well with their colleagues in meetings and interviews and make their bosses happy!

I am also an actor (stage and screen) and film maker. Telling stories is a big part of my life and I like to use stories to help people communicate and understand each other.

My other interests are YOGA (i’m a trained yoga teacher) and I have a passion for personal development and mastering the mind! I would love to hear about your dreams and passions!