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My name is Nick. I am your English Fluency Coach. 

I want to make learning English easy (and fun!) for you.
My goal is to help you find success in your work and social life so you can live your dreams!
On this site you will find lots of free resources to help you with your English fluency.
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How To Speak English With Confidence

In this free book you will learn;

  • A powerful, effective way to improve your English fluency. 
  • A fun way to use audio to learn real, everyday English. 
  • How to think in English so you can speak without translating. 
  • How to create an effective learning routine to achieve your goals. 

AND you’ll get:

  • Two free mini stories with audio for your practice.
  • A resource guide for your self study.

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English For Health And Fitness

6 Idioms To Talk About Health And Fitness.  Video Lesson With Notes and Examples. We’re talking about Health and Medicine and Sickness.  So in today’s lessons I’m going to teach you six common idioms to talk about Health and Fitness. So please stay... read more

6 Idioms For The New Year

The New Year is a great time to set new goals, or intentions, for the year ahead.  I usually like to take some time to reflect on the year past and get clear about what I want to bring in for the next 12 months.  It’s also a really great time to set some clear... read more

8 Common Idioms In Daily Conversation

An important part of becoming a fluent, natural sounding English speaker is learning idioms. Have you heard of idioms? What is an idiom? AN idiom is a group of words that we use together to express something. The difficult part about idioms is the meaning can be very... read more

English Video Lessons

FREE Audio Lessons

Talking About TV Shows and Books


Welcome to Lesson Four: Talking About TV Shows and Books. In this lesson you will have a chance to listen to a real, natural conversation between two Aussies! I chat with my friend, Narelle, about a popular conversation topic; TV Shows and Books! You can listen to the... read more

Learn English For Shopping


LET’S GO SHOPPING! Talking about shopping, past tenses and ‘ED’ pronunciation.  This lesson has 3 parts.  DIALOGUE: In this lesson you will learn common phrasal verbs and expressions to talk about shopping. You will listen to an everyday dialogue in... read more

How To Talk About Your Weekend


A common and very popular topic of conversation in English is the weekend. When it comes to Friday, we often ask our friends and colleagues about their weekend plans. And on Monday, we come into work and start talking about what we did over the weekend.  This is a... read more

Talking About Travel


In this lesson you will learn common phrasal verbs and expressions on the topic of travel.  We will use a dialogue at an airport to introduce you to the new phrasal verbs (these are very common!). Then you can test your understanding of the vocabulary.  Next you can... read more

Let me help you become a Real English Speaker

Special Tips and Lessons for Email Subscribers to help you improve your
SpeakingListening and Vocabulary


What Students Think

Nick is a very experienced English language teacher and he is really helpful for improving my English in many aspects such as grammar, pronunciation, listening, and fluency. His unique teaching methods make each session in a relaxed atmosphere and you can improve English in practical situations. Besides, Nick also helped me a lot to prepare my IELTS exam and I got the ideal result. If you want to make progress and gain confidence in English, contact Nick and join his amazing English classes.

Betty, from China

The classes have improved my English fluency, not only, to speak without making grammar mistakes, but also, to speak confidently. The overall strategy of putting the students in a friendly environment rather in a classroom, helped me a lot to improve my English from practical situations. As a result, I have achieved a IELTS band score of 8 in speaking. Also, your interview tips and resume samples helped me to write a good professional resume. Thank you, Nick, for your patience and friendly way of teaching.

Ashok, from India

REAL ENGLISH SPEAKER is one of the best courses I’ve ever experienced. Very dynamic sessions with Nick Dale vie Skype boosted my speaking confidence significantly. Original, up-to date teaching techniques and individually designed lessons completely immerse me in English language world. I highly appreciate real spoken patterns delivered by Nick and his colleagues what allowed me to gain better understanding of everyday and business English and to discern different ascents and conversational styles.

Irina, from Russia

I have English classes with Nick just at my work, it’s very convenient in my situation because I’m very busy. Nick constructs the lessons to improve my individual weaknesses and I began to speak English much better with his tutoring. It’s especially clear when I compare recordings of my speaking before and after three months of study with Nick. I recommend Nick as an experienced English tutor and sure his lessons will be as useful for everybody as they are for me both in professional activities and everyday life in Australia.

Dmitry, from Russia



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